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Basler Camera

Authorized Basler Camera Distributor for India Region.

We are an authorized distributor for Basler Camera in India. Basler is a global provider of premium quality industrial cameras for a wide range of applications. Founded in 1988, Basler has the longest experience in machine vision.

Basler is the largest unit volume producer of digital cameras for industrial applications in the world.  Basler camera used in industrial mass production, medical technology, the life sciences, retail applications, as well as in intelligent traffic systems.

Basler Camera

Basler offers a wide range of cameras suitable for robotic applications.
Either for pick and place, packaging and palletizing, or quality inspection Small, flexible, and cost-efficient 2D Basler cameras offer shock robustness and high stability.

They are available in diverse resolutions, speed, and interface options just as your application demands.

Now there is a simple way to program and control your applications with a framework for easy graphical robot programming: drag&bot.
drag & bot enables workers to use robots in production without expert know-how.

It is independent of different robot brands and models. In contrast to existing solutions, robot programs can be created much faster. As a result, drag&bot enables cost-efficient automation. Thanks to the integration of the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite and pylon-ROS-camera driver, it takes just a few mouse clicks to set up your robot system with Basler cameras. The intuitive graphic user interface of drag&bot guides you through each step. Via drag&drop, program sequences can easily be built.The parameters of a functional blog are defined by using wizards. Modules enhance drag&bot with pre-programmed software functionality. Within the Component Manager, cameras can be installed and calibrated with just a few clicks through step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly interface.Access multiple camera parameters directly within the Operator Panel without using an additional camera SDK. Among others, set automatic exposure time, gain, sharpness, and denoising directly with drag&bot.drag&bot even offers pre-programmed vision modules. Robots can localize and pick objects. Even unsorted parts can be identified with the help of a Basler 2D camera. As you can see, the combination of drag&bot and Basler cameras offers numerous advantages:Easy installation, programming, and operation of your industrial robot. Independent of robot brand or model Intuitive guidance and operating tools Just a few clicks to install and calibrate Basler cameras with easy access to vision features and no need to use an additional camera SDK.

Alpha Techsys Automation plays an important role in helping Technological growth in Emerging Indian Machine Vision Market.

We supply Basler Area scan Cameras in India

Basler Line Scan Cameras

We supply Basler Line scan Cameras in India

Basler SWIR cameras

We supply Basler SWIR Cameras in India

Basler 3D Cameras

We supply Basler 3D Cameras in India

Basler Microscopy Cameras

We supply Basler Microscopy Cameras in India

Products and Solutions for Complete Machine Vision Automation

Alpha TechSys is technology leader in Machine Vision Automation Technology. In this area, Alpha Techsys Automation is consistently developing a role as a total solutions supplier with solutions for Machine Vision Automation Technology.

Being Industry Leader….

  • Alpha Techsys Automation plays an important role in helping Technological growth within new and emerging Indian Machine Vision Market.

  • Our customer proximity and long-term partnership recognizes as leading MACHINE VISION COMPONENTS AND CAMERA INSPECTION SYSTEM company in India.

  • Alpha Techsys Automation partners with the best in-class technology providers in the industry in order to support & deliver latest Machine Vision Technologies for our clients across India.

  • We owe our success and high levels of customer satisfaction to the many years of close cooperation with reliable manufacturers and partners.
  • Our team of vision experts are continuously engaged to find the reliable and most efficient imaging solution for our customers.

  • To do this, we merge Machine Vision and Industrial Automation into one solution.

    These solutions can be used in all areas of key industries including; automotive, robotics, printing, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, process industries, textile, packaging, and assembly handling.



Basler is the largest unit volume producer of digital cameras for industrial applications in the world.  



Chromasens produces line scan cameras, spectral cameras, 3D stereo cameras and LED illumination systems. 



We are authorized partner for Euresys products for Indian territory.

OPTO Telecentric Lens


Machine Vision Systems

ALPHA TECHSYS is engaged in manufacturing and development of Machine Vision Systems.


Machine Vision Illumination

Selecting the most suitable illumination is one of the most crucial factors in designing a vision system

Machine Vision Lenses

AlphaTechSys supply world renowned brands for machine vision lenses in India

Puls Power Supply

We provide Puls Power Supply in India. PULS is the only company worldwide focused on  DIN rail power supplies.


We supply Neousys Technology  embedded computers and systems 

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