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Basler 3D Cameras

New 3D camera: Basler blaze
Basler launches a new time-of-flight camera for real-time 3D shooting, the Basler blaze. The new design and various interfaces make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Functionality of a 3D Camera
A ToF camera is based on measuring the time it takes for light to travel from the light source to the object and back again. The greater the distance, the longer the light needs for this path. From this data the distance can be calculated. The software of the ToF camera displays the individual measuring points in a 3D point cloud.

New features of the Basler blaze
The Basler blaze has integrated optics and a GigE interface for fast data transmission. Even more accurate and precise 3D measurements are enabled by the new modern Sony Depth Sense™ IMX556 sensor. The measurement is performed with laser diodes operating in the NIR range (940nm). A multipart image with distance, intensity and confidence maps is generated from the data.

An external light source is not necessary. It is even possible to take pictures in darkness.

Possible fields of application

Freight sizing
The Basler blaze is ideal for dimensioning your freight. You can use it to determine the exact dimensions of packages and pallets. This enables you to plan and optimise the costs and space in your warehouse and transport vehicle more precisely. The measurements are carried out very flexibly as you drive past. In combination with a 2D camera you can also take colour pictures.


Today, pallets must be packed intelligently and quickly. In addition, pallets are often packed with different products. This is usually done with intelligent and very fast robots. These robots require machine vision for guidance. With the blaze you can see the shape, position and orientation of the object. In this way, the optimum lifting point can be determined.

Autonomous vehicles & mobile robots
A 3D view is also essential for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. For navigation, obstacle detection and fine positioning, a good and high-resolution view of the surroundings is required.

Object count
An object count is essential for your customers to receive complete products. Perfect images for evaluation are possible without an additional light source and independent of color and contrast.

Patient positioning in radiology
In order to ensure high-quality x-rays, it is necessary to position the patient accurately. This results in a minimum radiation dose and less effort for the specialist personnel.

Basler 3D Cameras

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface Working Range
tof640-20gm_850nm 640 px x 480 px 20 fps Mono GigE 0 m – 13 m