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Basler ace Camera

Basler ace camera have wide resolution range from VGA to 14Mp in momo and color. They can deliver Maximum Up to 751 frames per second.These are available in variety of interfaces like USB 3.0(High stability ), GigE (High data transfer rates), Camera Link( robust and powerful ). Depending upon application, you can have choice to select between global shutter (Moving object) or rolling shutter (Stand still object). Basler Ace camera can be used for distinct machine vision applications which provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis.

Basler ace Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Sensor Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
acA640-300gc640 px x 480 pxPYTHON 300376 fps ColorGigE
acA640-300gm640 px x 480 pxPYTHON 300376 fps MonoGigE
acA640-750uc640 px x 480 pxPYTHON 300751 fps Color USB 3.0
acA640-750um640 px x 480 pxPYTHON 300751 fps MonoUSB 3.0
acA640-90gc 658 px x 492 pxICX42490 fps ColorGigE
acA640-90uc658 px x 492 pxICX42490 fps ColorUSB 3.0
acA645-100gc658 px x 492 pxICX414100 fpsColor GigE
acA640-120gc658 px x 492 pxICX618120 fpsColorGigE

ace USB 3.0 cameras are available with C or CS-mount (depending on model). Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Latest specifications and availability can be found on website Please visit for the detailed camera User’s Manual and for information on third party software. NIR = Near Infrared Enhanced