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Basler Area Scan Camera

Basler Area Scan Camera

Basler offers unmatched camera performance at very competitive prices, without compensating at the expense of quality. The hardware is an important element for your machine vision and computer vision projects, but the Basler camera software suite (Pylon) with the SDK (Software Development Kit) also contributes to high user satisfaction. In addition, the competent back up from Basler and Alpha Techsys Automation experts ensures that we as a distributor can offer fast and qualitative first-line support for your machine vision projects/applications.

The product portfolio of Basler consists of more than 500 different cameras. Depending on the type: area scan, line scan, 3D camera or IP cameras with different sensors and interfaces, Basler always offers the right solution for your applications.

Basler also has its own line of optics. They also have an extensive range of accessories for your application that have been extensively tested by Basler so you can trust that everything is seamlessly matched. Alpha Techsys Automation Machine Vision Experts can advise you which products are best suited for your application.

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