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Basler aviator camera

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Alpha TechSys Automation is a family owned Leading International Distribution Company in India.

Basler aviator camera

Basler aviator series have high speed cameras. They are in 1, 2, 4 MP resolution with GigE and Camera Link interface.

Basler aviator camera Models

Camera ModelsResolution (H x V)SensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
avA1000-100gc1024 px x 1024 pxKAI-1050101 fpsColorGigE
avA1000-100gm1024 px x 1024 pxKAI-1050101 fpsMonoGigE
avA1000-120kc1024 px x 1024 pxKAI-1050120 fpsColorCamera Link
avA1000-120km1024 px x 1024 pxKAI-1050120 fpsMonoCamera Link
avA1600-50gc1600 px x 1200 pxKAI-205055 fpsColorGigE
avA1600-50gm1600 px x 1200 pxKAI-205055 fpsMonoGigE
avA1600-65kc1600 px x 1200 pxKAI-205067 fpsColorCamera Link
avA1600-65km1600 px x 1200 pxKAI-205067 fpsMonoCamera Link
avA1900-50gc1920 px x 1080 pxKAI-215051 fpsColorGigE
avA1900-50gm1920 px x 1080 pxKAI-215051 fpsMonoGigE
avA1900-60kc1920 px x 1080 pxKAI-215062 fpsColorCamera Link
avA1900-60km1920 px x 1080 pxKAI-215062 fpsMonoCamera Link
avA2300-25gc2330 px x 1750 pxKAI-405026 fpsColorGigE
avA2300-25gm2330 px x 1750 pxKAI-405026 fpsMonoGigE
avA2300-30kc2330 px x 1750 pxKAI-405031 fpsColorCamera Link
avA2300-30km2330 px x 1750 pxKAI-405031 fpsMonoCamera Link