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Basler dart Camera

Basler dart board level cameras combine modern USB 3.0 camera technology, a highly cost-optimized design and Basler’s proven quality and reliability.

Basler’s ultra-compact DART board level cameras meet the requirements of numerous image processing applications for minimal space requirements and the highest demands in terms of weight, power consumption and heat generation. The very low camera price reduces your system costs to a minimum. Trust state-of-the-art technology “Made in Germany” with cost-optimized design and Basler’s proven quality and reliability.

The Basler DART is available with two interfaces; either with USB3 vision for easy plug-and-play integration or with BCON – Basler’s newly developed LVDS-based interface for high-volume embedded projects.


Basler dart Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Sensor Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
daA1280-54bc1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsColorBCON
daA1280-54bm1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsMonoBCON
daA1280-54uc1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1280-54um1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1600-60uc1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1600-60um1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1600-60bc1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsColorBCON
daA1600-60bm1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsMonoBCON
daA1920-15um1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03115 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1920-30uc1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03130 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1920-30um1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03130 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA2500-14bc2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsColorBCON
daA2500-14bm2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsMonoBCON
daA2500-14uc2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA2500-14um2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsMonoUSB 3.0