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Alpha TechSys Automation is a family owned Leading International Distribution Company in India.

Basler dart Camera

The Basler dart cameras are board level and compact in size. They are in 1.2, 2, 5 MP resolution with USB 3.0,BCON for LVDS, BCON for MIPI interface.

Basler dart Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Sensor Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
daA1280-54bc1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsColorBCON
daA1280-54bm1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsMonoBCON
daA1280-54uc1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1280-54um1280 px x 960 pxAR013454 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1600-60uc1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1600-60um1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1600-60bc1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsColorBCON
daA1600-60bm1600 px x 1200 pxEV76C57060 fpsMonoBCON
daA1920-15um1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03115 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA1920-30uc1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03130 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA1920-30um1920 px x 1080 pxMT9P03130 fpsMonoUSB 3.0
daA2500-14bc2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsColorBCON
daA2500-14bm2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsMonoBCON
daA2500-14uc2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsColorUSB 3.0
daA2500-14um2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsMonoUSB 3.0