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Basler pilot camera

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Alpha TechSys Automation is a family owned Leading International Distribution Company in India.

Basler pilot Camera

Basler pilot cameras are ranging from VGA to 5Mp with GigE interface. They are small in size and relatively cost-effective.

Basler pilot Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Sensor Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
piA640-210gc646 px x 486 pxKAI-0340210 fpsColorGigE
piA640-210gm648 px x 488 pxKAI-0340210 fpsMonoGigE
piA1000-48gc1000 px x 1000 pxKAI-102048 fpsColorGigE
piA1000-60gc1000 px x 1000 pxKAI-102060 fpsColorGigE
piA1000-48gm1004 px x 1004 pxKAI-102048 fpsMonoGigE
piA1000-60gm1004 px x 1004 pxKAI-102060 fpsMonoGigE
piA1600-35gc1604 px x 1204 pxKAI-202035 fpsColorGigE
piA1600-35gm1608 px x 1208 pxKAI-202035 fpsMonoGigE
piA1900-32gm1928 px x 1084 pxKAI-209332 fpsMonoGigE
piA2400-17gc2454 px x 2056 pxICX62517 fpsColorGigE
piA2400-17gm2456 px x 2058 pxICX62517 fpsMonoGigE