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Basler pulse Camera

Basler a global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and video surveillance applications, medical devices, and traffic systems, has launched its pulse camera series into series production, clearing the path for large-scale orders.

The Basler pulse is a highly flexible camera capable of assisting with a wide range of applications, including those in the medical and life sciences, traffic and transportation (ITS) and retail markets, as well as for numerous microscopy applications. With series production for all six models, this camera is now also available in larger unit counts.

Weighing just 60 g and measuring 38.8 x 28.2 mm (diameter x length), the pulse is ready for a wide range of situations. Its metal housing includes a tripod socket and a CS-mount lens bracket that is simple to switch between a C- or S-mount.

The pulse is available with either global or rolling shutter CMOS sensors, resolutions of up to 5 MP and frame rates of up to 54 fps. Beyond this, the pulse also features a USB 3.0 port for data transfer and low power consumption.

Autumn also will see the pulse expanded to include two additional models with the EV76C570 CMOS sensor from e2V inside and frame rates of up to 60 fps. Basler offers support in areas such as the switchover from CCD to CMOS.

Basler pulse Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Sensor Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
puA1280-54uc 1280 px x 960 px AR0134 54 fps Color USB 3.0
puA1280-54um 1280 px x 960 px AR013454 fps MonoUSB 3.0
puA1600-60uc 1600 px x 1200 px EV76C57060 fps Color USB 3.0
puA1600-60um 1600 px x 1200 px EV76C570 60 fps MonoUSB 3.0
puA1920-30uc 1920 px x 1080 px MT9P031 30 fps Color USB 3.0
puA1920-30um 1920 px x 1080 px MT9P031 30 fps Mono USB 3.0
puA2500-14uc 2592 px x 1944 px MT9P031 14 fpsColorUSB 3.0
puA2500-14um 2592 px x 1944 pxMT9P03114 fpsMonoUSB 3.0