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Alpha TechSys Automation is a family owned Leading International Distribution Company in India.

Basler racer Camera

Basler racer line scan cameras are in 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, and 12k resolution having GigE and camera link interface. They possess PoCL (Power over Camera Link) functionality.

Basler racer Camera Models

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Line Rate Mono/Color Interface
raL2048-48gm2048 px x 1 px51 kHzMonoGigE
raL2048-80km2048 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL4096-24gm4096 px x 1 px26 kHzMonoGigE
raL4096-80km4096 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL6144-16gm6144 px x 1 px17 kHzMonoGigE
raL6144-80km6144 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL8192-12gm8192 px x 1 px12 kHzMonoGigE
raL8192-80km8192 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL12288-8gm12288 px x 1 px8 kHzMonoGigE
raL12288-66km12288 px x 1 px66 kHzMonoCamera Link