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Basler racer Camera

Proven Image Quality and Easy to Use Without a Frame Grabber,

The Basler racer family is a line scan series that combines high quality line scan technology with

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface technology. Proven image quality and an easy-to-use GigE

interface make the runner family a perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. With the GigE interface, it’s simple and straightforward for the user to adapt a camera to their system, to acquire their first images, and to adjust the camera’s parameter settings to obtain the best results for their particular application. And because a Camera Link frame grabber and cables are not needed with racer cameras, a GigE line scan bundle is a highly cost-effective solution.

Basler racer line scan cameras are in 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, and 12k resolution having GigE and camera link interface, means that there is always a perfect Basler Racer for you, regardless of application.

Basler racer Camera Models

Camera ModelsResolution (H x V)Line RateMono/ColorInterface
raL2048-48gm2048 px x 1 px51 kHzMonoGigE
raL2048-80km2048 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL4096-24gm4096 px x 1 px26 kHzMonoGigE
raL4096-80km4096 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL6144-16gm6144 px x 1 px17 kHzMonoGigE
raL6144-80km6144 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL8192-12gm8192 px x 1 px12 kHzMonoGigE
raL8192-80km8192 px x 1 px80 kHzMonoCamera Link
raL12288-8gm12288 px x 1 px8 kHzMonoGigE
raL12288-66km12288 px x 1 px66 kHzMonoCamera Link