Chromasens multi spectral camera truepixa

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Chromasens multi spectral camera truepixa

Add a new dimension to multispectral imaging with the truePIXA camera. It offers a combination of high speed and spectral color measurement for each pixel to permit color measurement on two-dimensional objects, especially for print inspection. It captures the spectral footprint of images in full size and applies to on- and off-line imaging.

Key Features

  • High speed line scan technology
  • 12 image channels with distinct spectral content
  • Allows measurements on RGB, CIE-L*a*b* and spectral reflectance
  • High stability and excellent repeatability
  • Real time color measurement
  • Chromasens Chromantis software
  • User interface for image acquisition
  • Spectral and color data visualization
  • Basic data analysis
  • Data import and export
  • User friendly application programming interface (API)
  • Combined with Chromasens Corona II D50 illumination, truePIXA cameras achieve high accuracy color measurement

Chromasens Line Scan Camera allPIXA Specifications

Optical resolution (μm/ pixel)*195
Optical resolution (dpi)*130
Field of view (mm)298
Number of pixel1528
Free working distance (mm)497.8
Maximum speed (m/s)9.9
Line frequency (kHz)50.8
Illumination length (mm)340
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)102.3 x 134 x 126
CameraMultispectral line scan camera with 6 image channels
SensorMulti-channel CCD line sensor
Active pixel size10 μm x 10 μm
Spectral data range380 nm – 730 nm
Measurement functionalitySpectral reflectance, CIE-L*a*b*, CIE-XYZ, CIE-L*c*h*
Measurement geometryAdapted 45°/0° (illumination / observation angle)
Short-term repeatability0.05 ∆E76
White referenceAbsolute / relative
Light sourceLED based D50, refer to Corona II D50 for best performance
InterfacesCamera Link Base/Medium/Full
External I/O
Serial (RS-232)
Power supply (Hirose)
Power supply24V DC +/- 10%; 16W
Trigger modeFree run / external trigger
Operating temperature0°C to 60°C, 32°F to 140°F (housing temperature)
Additional accessoriesCross polarization kit for camera and Chromasens line-lights
CertificationsCE, FCC compliant, RoHS
* Optical resolution at working distance.
NOTE: Please contact us for different resolutions and field of views.