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For Automated Inspection and Identification Applications, AlphaTechsys Industrial Machine Vision and image base bar code reading technology offers highest flexibility and a big return on a small investment.

ALPHA TECHSYS is engaged in manufacturing and development of Machine Vision Systems.

Alpha Techsys Machine Vision Sensors

Optimize quality, minimize waste, and Maximize throughput are our key to provide high performance machine vision system to meet our customer’s most extreme needs.

ALPHA TECHSYS is engaged in manufacturing and development of  Machine Vision Products. For over many years ALPHA TECHSYS AUTOMATION has provided vision sensor or multiple vision sensor to inspect and analyze objects automatically, usually in an industrial or production environment. 

Our Vision System Solutions have earned their reputation as high performance benchmarks in Indian Machine Vision Industry through competent integrations deployed around the nation.


Being a trusted machine vision supplier ALPHA TECHSYS is helping to improve manufacturing quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking information during production process.

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Comprehensive industries and its applications

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We offers the most powerful vision tools and industrial identification products for reliable performance and easy deployment into any  automation equipment or factory environment. Whether you’re a line builder, system integrator or equipment supplier.


  • Reading barcodes labels
  • Reading 2D barcodes directly marked on parts
  • Label verification
  • DPM – Direct Part Mark


  • Presence absence checking
  • Error proofing
  • Assembly verification
  • Final inspection

Measure, Gauge, Guide

  • Dimensional gauging
  • Testing automation
  • Robotic guidance

Solutions for the Packaging Industry

Faulty or damaged packaging adversely affects how consumers perceive a product’s quality, safety, and value. In order to avoid damage and preserve brand loyalty, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers rely on machine vision to inspect primary and secondary packaging to ensure it is correctly assembled, tamper-proof, and defect-free. This assures manufacturers that only their highest quality products reach customers.

Component Presence

  • Checks the presence/absence of components or parts of an object

Dimensional Quality

  • Checks the dimensional accuracy on objects against geometric tolerances

Structural Quality

  • Checks the missing or presence of foreign components on an object

Operational Quality

  • Operation quality relates to the verification of accurate operations of products

Packaging & Labeling

  • Controls the alignment, placement of labels, ensures accuracy in packaging by identifying incorrect labels. OCR, OCV, CODE Reading

Color Monitoring

  • Refers to measurement and control of a product’s intensity and spectrum of the inspected object’s illumination

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The need to comply with patient safety and traceability requirements in a cost-effective way is a major business driver for pharmaceutical, medical device, and bio-science product manufacturers. Alpha Techsys vision-based inspection and industrial identification (ID) solutions can help. With easy-to-use, integrate, and maintain products, Alpha Techsys machine vision and industrial ID systems provide the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Quality control of blister packs

  • position and completeness of blistered products and their color simultaneously

Inspection of vials, injection and infusion bottles

  • Seal inspection of stoppers, caps and crimps
  • Quality inspection of containers
  • Filling level monitoring

Product tracking with Track & Trace

  • Reading and verifying product labels
  • Reading bulk codes (Multi-Code Reading)
  • OCR
  • OCV
  • Code reading – 1D,2D, Matrix, QR