OPTO Telecentric Lenses 1/3" TO 2/3" Sensors

OPTO Telecentric Lenses 1/3″ TO 2/3″ SENSORS in India


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OPTO Telecentric Lenses 1/3" TO 2/3" Sensors

TC series

Bi-telecentric lenses for matrix detectors up to 2/3″

TC series bi-telecentric lenses represent the key component of any measurement system powered by machine vision: these lenses can truly take advantage of high-resolution detectors such as 5 MP – 2/3″, acquiring images with exceptional fidelity and precision.

Opto Engineering® bi-telecentric design allows these optics to achieve pure telecentricity: no magnification change occurs when moving away or towards the subject, making TC series ideal for measurement applications of mechanical parts ranging from extruded aluminium profiles to tiny clock gears.

No other lenses can offer the same optical performances in terms of telecentrity and absence of distortion: additionally you can further enhance depth of field and optical accuracy by pairing our TC lenses with LTCLHP telecentric illuminators.


  • High telecentricity for thick object imaging.
  • Nearly zero distortion for accurate measurements.
  • Excellent resolution for high resolution cameras.
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments.
  • Easy filter insertion.
  • Detailed test report with measured optical parameters.

TC CORE series

Ultra compact bi-telecentric lenses up to 2/3″

TC CORE bi-telecentric lenses for sensors up to 2/3” feature a truly revolutionary ultra compact opto-mechanical design.

These lenses deliver high-end optical performances and at the same time are up to 70% smaller than other double-sided telecentric lenses on the market, thus allowing to significantly downsize a vision system.
The unique shape has been expressly developed for maximum mounting flexibility.

TC CORE lenses can be mounted in different directions using any of the 4 sides even without clamps, allowing you to cut the system’s cost, and can be easily fitted or retrofitted even into very compact machines.


  • Excellent optical performances
  • Extremely compact
  • Designed for flexibility and smart integration
  • Save you money
  • Boost your sales


Ultra compact LARGE FOV bi-telecentric lenses for matrix detectors up to 2/3”

TC CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for area scan cameras, specifically designed for the latest generation 1/1.8” and 2/3” CMOS sensors. Their opto-mechanical design is ideal to measure large objects in a reduced space.

TC CORE PLUS series are up to 45% shorter than other telecentric lenses available on the market.

Their patent-pending optical design, inspired by catadioptric telescopes, allows for large FOV imaging while keeping the overall footprint compact.

The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impacts the size of a vision system. This is especially critical when a large FOV telecentric lens is used with a telecentric illuminator, as the overall system dimensions are doubled. For this reason, the working distance of TC CORE PLUS lenses has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible. TC CORE PLUS lenses feature a built-in mounting flange and standard aluminum T-slot profiles for easy mounting without additional clamps, making their integration easy and cost-effective.


  • Large FOV in a super compact form factor
  • Optimized working distance
  • Smart integration
  • Boost your sales

TCUV series

UV bi-telecentric lenses

TCUV series bi-telecentric lenses are specifically designed to ensure the highest image resolution today available in the machine vision world.

No other lenses in the market can efficiently operate with pixels as small as 2 microns. For this reason TCUV bi-telecentric lenses are a MUST for all those using high resolution cameras and seeking for the highest system accuracy.

Common lenses and traditional telecentric lenses operate in the visible light (VIS) range. The maximum resolution of a lens is given by the cut-off frequency, that is the spatial frequency at which the lens is no longer able to yield sufficient image contrast.

Since the cut-off frequency is inversely proportional to the light wavelength, common optics are useless with very small pixel sizes (such as 1.75 microns) which are becoming increasingly popular among industrial cameras.


  • Extremely high resolution for cameras with very small pixels
  • High telecentricity for thick object imaging
  • Nearly zero distortion for accurate measurements
  • Detailed test report with measured optical parameters


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