OPTO Telecentric Lenses UP TO 4/3" SENSORS Sensors

OPTO Telecentric Lenses UP TO 4/3″ SENSORS in India


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OPTO Telecentric Lenses up to 4/3" Sensors

TC1MHR-TC4MHR series

High resolution telecentric lenses for large detectors up to 4/3″
TC1MHR-TC4MHR series are high resolution telecentric lenses designed for detectors larger than 2/3″, making them the perfect choice for advanced metrology applications. The TC1MHR-TC4MHR series delivers unmatched resolution, low distortion and homogeneous image quality while offering the best performance to price ratio. TC1MHR-TC4MHR feature a compact and robust design that allows for easy integration in industrial environments. Additionally, the camera phase can be easily adjusted by simply loosening the set screws positioned in the eyepiece part. In order to help the selection, some of the most commonly used large matrix detectors are listed: select the product that best suits your application by choosing the column where the your detector is listed and scrolling down the table until you find the field of view best matching your needs.


  • Wide image circle for detectors larger than 2/3″.
  • Excellent resolution and low distortion.
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments.
  • Detailed test report with certified optical parameters.
  • C, F M42X1 (-E) mount options with easy phase adjustment.


Space-saving high-resolution telecentric lenses

TC1MHR CORE – TC4MHR CORE series are ultra compact telecentric lenses tailored for high-resolution sensors up to 4/3” .

TC1MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses deliver excellent optical performances in a super compact shape. Thanks to the unique opto-mechanical design, these lenses offer very high resolution, nearly zero distortion and high field depth while saving up to 70% in length compared to similar FOV lenses on the market.

TC1MHR CORE and TC4MHR CORE lenses ensure hassle-free integration in a measurement system. The rear phase adjustment allows the user to easily align the camera sensor to the sample.

These lenses can be mounted in several orientations thanks to the M6 threads located on multiple sides, even without clamps.For maximum flexibility, a special front mounting clamp is also available.


  • Excellent optical performances
  • Extremely compact
  • Designed for flexibility and smart integration
  • Save you money
  • Boost your sales


Ultra compact large FOV telecentric lenses for matrix detectors up to 4/3”

TC3MHR-5MHR CORE PLUS series are large FOV telecentric lenses for the latest generation sensors up to 1.1” like the IMX304 and 4/3” sensors like the KAC-12040. They are specifically designed to accurately measure large objects in a reduced space.
Inspired by catadioptric telescopes, their folded optical path allows large FOV imaging while keeping the overall footprint compact. The size reduction is up to 45% compared with other telecentric lenses on the market.

The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impact the size of a vision system. This is especially critical when a large FOV telecentric lens is used with a telecentric illuminator, as the overall dimensions of the system are doubled. For this reason the working distance of TC3MHR-5MHR CORE PLUS series has been reduced to make a measurement system as compact as possible.


  • Make your large FOV system up to 45% smaller
  • Smart integration
  • System compactness is a competitive advantage

TCDP PLUS series

Dual magnification telecentric lenses

TCDP PLUS series are dual magnification telecentric lenses supporting two cameras to measure objects with different magnifications. They are the perfect choice for measuring components of different sizes but also for applications where an entire sample and some of its smaller features have to be measured with the same accuracy. The fixed design of these lenses ensures perfect repeatability with no need to recalibrate after each magnification change.

TCDP PLUS lenses help cut the cost of your vision system: you only need to integrate one lens, one illuminator and one mount.

TCDP PLUS lenses are compatible with CMHO clamping mechanics and LTCLHP collimated illuminators, as well as LTRN ring illuminators designed for the standard TC series.


  • Perfect measurement accuracy
  • Revolutionary flexibility
  • Smart cost reduction
  • Off-the-shelf lenses tailored for your needs
  • Detailed test report with measured optical parameters.