OPTO Telecentric Lenses Very Large & Linescan Sensors

OPTO Telecentric Lenses Very Large & Linescan Sensors in India


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OPTO Telecentric Lenses Very Large & Linescan Sensors

TC12M series

High resolution telecentric lenses for up APS-H sensors

TC12M high resolution telecentric lenses designed for detectors with up to 33.5mm image circle. They perfectly fit cameras with large sensors, up to APS-H sensor format.

TC12M series lenses feature a compact and robust design that makes them ideal for variouos industrial applications.

To help you pick the right lens, we listed some of the most popular area scan sensors in the matrix chart below: just choose the column with your camera sensor and scroll down the table until you find the field of view that best matches your application, then scroll left to find the lens part number.


  • Wide image circle suitable APS-H type sensors
  • Excellent resolution and low distortion
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments
  • Detailed test report with certified optical parameters

TC16M series

Telecentric lenses for Full Frame and 8 k pixel line detectors

TC16M series telecentric lenses have been specifically designed to fit 45 mm format (36 x 24 mm) detectors with very high resolution, such as 11, 16 or 29 MP.

This combination is the typical choice for extremely accurate measurement of large items such as engine parts, glass or metal sheets, PCBs and electronic components, LCDs, etc.

TC16M lenses are also perfectly suitable for 4kpx and 8kpx linescan cameras and can be successfully used to determine the diameter of cylindrical objects: for example shafts, turned metal parts, machine tools, etc.

Besides the standard F and M58x0.75 mount options, any other mechanical interface can be supplied upon request


  • Wide image circle for large detectors up to 43.3 mm.
  • Excellent resolution and low distortion
  • Simple and robust design for industrial environments
  • Detailed test report with certified optical parameters

TC4K series

Flat telecentric lenses for 4 k pixel linescan cameras

TC4K series telecentric lenses have been designed for measurement applications using linescan cameras with a detector size up to 28.7 mm (e.g. 4096 pixels with pixel size 7 μm).

Dimensional constraints are often a major issue when designing image scanning systems where the sample or the camera itself must be moved: TC4K series is the Opto Engineering® solution for applications and machines with tight dimensional constrains. Compatible LTCL4K illuminators with matching flat design and dedicated accessories allow for optical combinations that fit most geometrical measurement configurations.

TC4K series feature standard F or M42 mount to fit common linescan camera interfaces; additional mounts are available upon request. Moreover, the lens-camera interface provides both fine detector phase adjustment and a precise focusing mechanism. Detector phase adjustment allows to precisely position the linear FOV at 90° from the object movement direction.


  • Compact design
  • Easy rotational phase and focus adjustment
  • Compatible LTCL4K telecentric illuminators
  • Dedicated CMMR4K mirrors
  • Detailed test report with measured optical parameters

TC12K series

Telecentric lenses for 12k and 16kpx linescan cameras

TC12K series telecentric lenses are designed to fit very large line detector cameras. An image circle diameter larger than 62 mm combined with very high resolution makes the TC12K series ideal for 12 k and 16 k resolution cameras.

Flat panel display, solar cell and electronic board inspection are among the most common applications of these optics in the electronics industry; at the same time the optical specifications make them perfectly suitable to accurately measure large mechanical parts. In addition to the standard M72x0.75 mount, TC12K lenses can be equipped with other camera mounts at no additional cost ensuring wide compatibility with most common linescan cameras.