OPTO Telecentric Lenses

OPTO Telecentric Lenses in India

OPTO Telecentric Lenses

Opto Engineering Telecentric lenses, these products benefit from a decade-long effort in progressive research & development, resulting in an extensive range of part numbers for a diverse and ever-growing number of applications.These products achieve the highest optical performances available on the market:
  • extra-telecentricity for thick object imaging
  • very low distortion for accurate measurements
  • excellent resolution for small pixel cameras
  • wide field depth for large object displacements
  • pre-adjusted back focal length and working distance
  • compact and robust design, tailored for industrial environments

Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric lenses are made to magnify an object with the same amount no matter how far away it is or where it is in the field of view. Because measurements of an object’s dimension will be made regardless of its location, this feature is perfect for a wide range of machine vision measuring applications. They have a constant, non-angular field of view (FOV), as they avoid the perspective error and have low- distortion. Telecentric lenses helps to maintain contrast between desired feature and background. You can get maximum Depth of Field while retaining resolution and ultimate image quality.

Telecentric lenses can be preferred for:

  1. Thick object measurement application
  2. Multiple measurements need to be made on various object planes
  3. Variation in working distance
  4. Accurate measurements of small holes

These lenses can be used for various machine vision application like Battery Inspection, Wafer inspection, Solar panel cell examination, Automotive part verification, Diamond cutting, Metrology and many more.

We are Authorized distributor of OPTO ENGINEERING in India, who is leading in Telecentric lens manufacturing and recognised by their High-quality precise products and having more than 20 years’ experience in machine vision market. They are experts by knowing complicated nature and variety of industry’s needs. OPTO ENGINEERING is having best support for checking feasibility of their solution on your samples and provide report for same withing short period of time. They have direct interactions with customers and have facility to customize the lens as per their requirement. Also High-performance telecentric illuminators are specifically designed to back illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lenses, ensuring high quality imaging. 

360 degree view lenses by OPTO ENGINEERING are greatly useful for inspecting your object from all sides which reduces number of normal cameras and lenses to cover your whole interested area of interest. Pericentric lens useful for 360 degree top and lateral view. Similarly Hole inspection lenses and Baroscopic lenses can be used for inner sides and bottom of cavities.

OPTO ENGINEERING also have portfolio of Industrial cameras, LED illuminators, Machine vision software, mounting mechanics, filters, protective windows, first surface mirrors and beam splitters, calibration patterns, projection patterns, controllers etc.

With the help of OPTO ENGINEERING, you can succeed in application areas like Food and beverages, Applied life sciences, Scientific researches, sorting machines, Vials inspections, Biomedical microplates inspection, Pharma labels OCR, Cap inspection, Liquid level measurement, Syringe and Needle inspection etc.

1/3" TO 2/3" SENSORS