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Puls 3 Phase Power Supplies

DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 3-phase Systems

3-phase DIN rail power supplies. Here you can find a product overview of all Puls AC/DC converters for 1-phase systems. PULS is specialised on DIN rail power supply solutions for industrial applications. Puls products set standards in terms of efficiency, reliability, size and life time.

WxHxD (mm)
Special FeatureDatasheet
CP10.121DC 12V16A12-15Vdc192WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V39124117 
CP10.241DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V39124117 
CP10.241-S1DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V39124117spring-clamp terminals
CP10.242DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V39124117enhanced DC input
CP10.361DC 36V6.7A36-42Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V39124117 
CP10.481DC 48V5.4A48-56Vdc259WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V39124117 
CPS20.121DC 12V30A12-15Vdc405WAC 100-240V65124127 
CPS20.241DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 100-240V65124127 
PS20.241-C1DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 100-240V65124127conformal coated
CPS20.361DC 36V13.3A36-42Vdc480WAC 100-240V65124127 
CPS20.481DC 48V10A48-56Vdc480WAC 100-240V65124127 
CS3.241DC 24V3.3A24-28Vdc80WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V32124102 
CS5.241DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V32124117 
CS5.241-C1DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V32124117conformal coated
CS5.241-S1DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V32124117spring-clamp terminals
CS5.243DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-120V32124117 
CS5.244DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 200-240V32124117 
CS10.241DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V60124117 
CS10.241-S1DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V60124117spring-clamp terminals
CS10.242DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V60124117 
CS10.243DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-120V60124117 
CS10.244DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 200-240V60124117 
CS10.481DC 48V5A48-52Vdc240WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V60124117 
QS3.241DC 24V3.4A24-28Vdc80WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V32124102 
QS5.241DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V40124117 
QS5.241-A1DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-240V DC 100-300V40124117conformal coated, ATEX
QS10.121DC 12V15A12-15Vdc180WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117 
QS10.241DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117 
QS10.241-A1DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117conformal coated, ATEX
QS10.241-C1DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117conformal coated
QS10.241-D1DC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V60124117enhanced DC input
QS10.301DC 30V8A28-32Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117 
QS10.481DC 48V5A48-56Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117 
QS10.481-D1DC 48V5A48-56Vdc240WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V60124117enhanced DC input
QS20.241DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V82124127 
QS20.241-A1DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V82124127conformal coated, ATEX
QS20.241-C1DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V82124127conformal coated
QS20.244DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 200-240V70124127 
QS20.361DC 36V13.3A36-42Vdc480WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V82124127 
QS20.481DC 48V10A48-55Vdc480WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V82124127 
QS40.241DC 24V40A24-28Vdc960WAC 100-240V125124127 
QS40.244DC 24V40A24-28Vdc960WAC 200-240V125124127 
QS40.361DC 36V26.7A36-42Vdc960WAC 100-240V125124127 
QS40.481DC 48V20A48-54Vdc960WAC 100-240V125124127 
QS40.484DC 48V20A48-54Vdc960WAC 200-240V125124127 
QTD20.241DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WDC 600V65124127for drive systems
PIC120.241CDC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 200-240V39124124DC-OK relay contacts
PIC120.241DDC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 100-120V AC 200-240V39124124DC-OK relay contacts
PIC120.242CDC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WAC 200-240V39124124 
PIC240.241CDC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 200-240V49124124DC-OK relay contacts
PIC480.241CDC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WAC 200-240V49124124DC-OK relay contacts
PIC240.241DDC 24V10A24-28Vdc240WAC 100-240V49124124DC-OK relay contacts
PAS395DC 410V2.5A360-460Vdc1025WAC 220-240V31015880charger for electrochem. double-layer capacitors
ML15.051DC 5V3A5-5.5Vdc15WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V237591 
ML15.121DC 12V1.3A12-15Vdc15WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V237591 
ML15.241DC 24V0.63A24-28Vdc15WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V237591 
ML30.100DC 24V1.3A24-28Vdc30WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML30.101DC 5V5A5-5.5Vdc25WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML30.102DC 12V3A10-12Vdc30WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591very low output noise
ML30.106DC 30V2.5A12-15Vdc36WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591dual-output voltage
ML30.241DC 24V1.3A24-28Vdc30WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V237591 
ML50.100DC 24V2.1A24-28Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML50.101DC 24V2.1A24-28Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591optimised for parallel use
ML50.102DC 12V4.2A12-15Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML50.105DC 48V1.05A48-56Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML50.109DC 24V2.1A24-28Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591conformal coated
ML50.111DC 24V2.1A24-28Vdc50WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457598with plug connector
ML60.121DC 12V4.5A12-15Vdc54WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML60.122DC 12V4.5A12-15Vdc54WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591-40°C operation
ML60.241DC 24V2.5A24-28Vdc60WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591 
ML60.242DC 24V2.5A24-28Vdc60WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V457591-40°C operation
ML70.100DC 24V3A24-28Vdc72WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V457591 
ML95.100DC 24V3.9A24-28Vdc95WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V7375103NEC CLASS 2
ML100.100DC 24V4.2A24-28Vdc100WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V7375103 
ML100.102DC 12V7.5A12-15Vdc90WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V7375103 
ML100.105DC 48V2.1A48-56Vdc100WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V7375103 
ML100.109DC 24V4.2A24-28Vdc100WAC 100-120V AC 220-240V DC 290V7375103conformal coated
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