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Puls Buffer Module

DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 1-phase Systems

The buffer module is connected in parallel with the power supply unit’s 24 V DC output and is changed with a capacitor bank. The UF20.241 buffer modules, were energy is stored within the electronic capacities, improve the output voltage of 24V and 48V systems.
OutputProduct DescriptionDimensionWxHxD (mm)Special FeatureDatasheet
UF20.241DC 24V20ABuffer Module64124102electrolytic capacitor buffer module typ. 310ms at 20A
UF40.241DC 24V40ABuffer Module64124142electrolytic capacitor buffer module typ. 160ms at 40A
UF20.481DC 48V20ABuffer Module64124102electrolytic capacitor buffer module typ. 100ms at 20A

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