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Puls DC Converter

DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 3-phase Systems

Puls Dimension DC-DC converters have a high efficiency, very compact and mounted on a DIN rail. The input voltage can for example. come from power supplies, batteries, solar panels, etc.. The output is galvanically isolated from the input. Typical applications are mounting at the end of a long cable to stabilize the voltage, convert one voltage to another or to isolate specific loads. Can also be used in conjunction with batteries to get a constant output voltage even though the battery voltage drops.

WxHxD (mm)
Special FeatureDatasheet
CPS20.241-60DC 24.5V16.3A24.5Vdc400WDC 110V65124127railway applications
CPS20.241-D1DC 24V20A24-28Vdc480WDC 110-300V65124127 
CPS20.481-D1DC 48V10A48-56Vdc480WDC 110-300V65124127enhanced DC input
CD5.121DC 12V8A12-15Vdc96WDC 24V32124102 
CD5.241DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WDC 24V32124102 
CD5.241-L1DC 24V3.8A24Vdc92WDC 24V32124102NEC CLASS 2
CD5.241-S1DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WDC 24V32124102with signal contacts
CD5.242DC 24V5A24-28Vdc120WDC 48V32124102 
CD5.243DC 24V4A24-28Vdc96WDC 12V32124102 
QS5.241-60DC 24V4.2A24-28Vdc100WDC 110V40124117railway applications
QS10.241-60DC 24V8.3A24-28Vdc200WDC 110V60124117railway applications

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