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Puls Device Net Power Supplies

DeviceNet Power Supply

DeviceNet is a low-cost communications link to connect industrial devices (such as limit switches, photoelectric sensors, valve manifolds, motor starters, process sensors, bar code readers, variable frequency drives, panel displays and operator interfaces) to a network and eliminate expensive hardwiring. The direct connectivity provides improved communication between devices as well as important device-level diagnostics not easily accessible or available through hardwired I/O interfaces.

WxHxD (mm)
Special FeatureDatasheet
QS5.DNETDC 24V3.8A24Vdc91WAC 100-240V DC 110-300V40124117NEC CLASS 2
QS10.DNETDC 24V8A24-24.5Vdc192WAC 100-240V DC 110-150V60124117DeviceNet approved

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