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Alpha TechSys Automation is a family owned Leading International Distribution Company in India.

Puls Interface Power Supplies

AS-Interface® Power Supply

The primary switched mode DIN rail power supply specifically supplies AS Interface ® systems with energy. The AS-Interface bus techno- logy allows to connect up to 62 participants to a control and to supply them with energy with a single two-conductor cable.

WxHxD (mm)
Special FeatureDatasheet
SLA3.100DC 30.5V2.8A30.6Vdc AC 100-120V AC 220-240V49124102 
SLA4.100DC 30.5V4A30.6Vdc AC 100-120V AC 220-240V65124102 
SLA8.100DC 30.5V8A30.6Vdc AC 100-120V AC 220-240V91124102 
SLA8.300DC 30.5V8A30.6Vdc AC 400-500V129124117 
SLAD4.100DC 30.5V4A30.6Vdc DC 24V40124102DC/DC converter

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