pylon Release 6.2.0 Supports New Basler boost Camera Models

The pylon 6.2.0 version now provides updates for the boost camera. It is also possible to implement the GenICam GenDC standard. You can download the new versions here .

The benefits at a glance:

  • Full support for the new Basler boost camera models with global shutter XGS sensors via pylon. This firmware is now factory-set on all boost camera models with XGS sensors. This allows you to use the latest camera features to their full extent.
  • Finally, the 6.2.0 release also enables the implementation of the GenICam GenDC standard. The GenDC standard defines a generic container for image data so that it can be transported independently of the transmission protocol. In pylon 6.2.0, GenDC is implemented for the support of future camera models.
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