Because of their capabilities, robots have proven to be extremely useful and economical tools in numerous industrial sectors in recent decades. This is why they are utilized with increasing frequency around the world.

Modern industrial robots usually have a certain number of sensors – for example, to detect the presence of gripped parts or to immediately stop their movements when there is a danger of collision. However, the data captured by traditional sensors only provides limited information. In contrast, there are clear benefits to robots that offer image processing and can use it to capture and evaluate significantly more details.

The production of robots with sight involves more than just a camera and additional vision hardware. The software is also important in order to ensure economic success for robot systems with vision technology.

The implementation of seeing robots is no trivial task. However, the compelling opportunities resulting from the addition of sight to a design often justify the effort, enabling innovative, flexible solutions in many industrial applications.

Our Vision Campus article describes the possible applications of cameras and image processing systems in combination with robots and what must be taken into account.

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